Best Rename

(old name is Batch Filename Editor)

Main Features (more for you to find out in the trial version):
- Batch-Rename folders and files in a couple of clicks
- Change names or case
- Change extensions or case
- Remove (or keep only) part of name (also numbers, symbols, punctuation)
- Include (or exclude) Hidden/System folders and files
- Extensions Filters
- Text selection Auto-Copy function (after text is selected a simple movement of the mouse will copy and paste the selected text)
- 4 levels of renaming (find out what that means in the trial version... You will be impressed!)
- Intelligent replace part of (or whole) names with memory function
- Replace mouse-selected length (from start or end of names)
- Ability to handle even names with recurrent words/numbers in the same text
- Ability to insert text before/after (and at cursor position) within names
- Insert sequential numbers (or upper/lowercase letters)
- Insert current date in 9 different formats (surely one of them is the one you want!)
- Insert file size
- Insert parent folder name
- Insert up to 100 random digits
- Save folder/file names to a .txt file (all possible filters and 'Timestamp' function available)
- Quick access to all your partitions and utility folders
- Drag & Drop fully supported
- 'Desktop Shortcut Renamer' is an unique function of our program! Fix all your (manually made) desktop shortcut in 1 single click (you will love this!)
- Zero learning curve! The program is so intuitive and so easy to use that the monkey sitting next to you (or even your boss) can take over if you leave your mouse unattended!
- Full integration in the contextual menu of Windows Explorer (you can access all the program's function from the right-click)
- Realtime preview
- Undo last rename operation
- Statistical counter in main control panel.... And -believe it or not- the list goes on.... But we do not want to spoil you the surprise and we invite you to download the trial version so that you can find out by yourself!

Save a great deal of time and have fun renaming the folders and files
you have been too lazy to rename until today!!!

Best Rename -despite its remarkably small footprint- supports several international languages (lang packs will be available shortly), runs on Windows 2k/XP/Vista/7.

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