Welcome to Whitecloudsoft's 'Contact' section and thanks for your interest in our products!

If you have any question about forms of payment, registration, or you want to request (or suggest) a special feature or simply report a bug, please forward your e-mail to:

Please use the same address if you have any question concerning the specific usage of the software (before contacting please make sure that you have read the 'QuickStart' panel and the tooltips, which are provided throughout the various passages and are addressing most operations and functions). Should you still be in the need of assistance, kindly do not forget to indicate the OS as well as the software name and its complete version (example: XP SP3 / Batch Filename Editor / USB Version, describe in details what you intend to do and possibly attach screenshots to your message.

Thanks again for your interest and support: They are BOTH very valuable and important to me!

Nielson B.
(Whitecloudsoft Software Developer)